Who Am I?

My name is Eric Harris. I was born over half a century ago in a hospital, not found in the cabbage patch as some believe. Right off the bat, I was ornery. I am not going to tell you much about my younger years other than to say I learned much from my father. He always told me that when you make a deal and shake hands on it, it was as good as a signed contract. As you know, it doesn't always work out that way these days.

I spent ten years in the service before getting out and starting my business life. I found out at a young age that God had given me the ability to work with my hands. I became a jack of all trades but specialized in auto repairs. And speaking of trades, I also found out that I enjoyed buying, selling, and trading. In fact, I used to say that anything I had was for sale or trade except my wife and my daughter and the daughter was negotiable.

Now, to tell you how I wound up with a website called "awfulstuff." That is a unique story. Back around 1985 shortly after I had built a garage across from a residence, the homeowner sued me for operating a snake infested junk yard, causing an extreme amount of noise and dust, endangering their children's lives, and in general being a public nuisance. I was only operating a small parts store and a three bay garage. About that time, Ray Stevens released the song 'Eric the Awful.' I soon became Awful 1. I won the lawsuit and continued operations. I have been in business here in McDonald County since 1981 although I moved from Pineville to Anderson. Then as an awful person, in 1999 I decided to write 'Awful's Assumptions' in our local paper. I discovered that I enjoyed the power of the word as much as I enjoyed working with my hands and have often been told I am equally good at both.

Since I was still doing a lot of trading, I thought I might try doing some on the internet. What better way to do this than a website? And the name, what other than awfulstuff.com?

So now you know about awfulstuff.com. Oh, by the way, I have been married to the same woman for 40 years and still believe that a good handshake can seal a deal and that when you give your word, you keep it.

Now, go back and look at the for sale items, read the awful's assumptions and check out the awful letters. Or you can click eric@awfulstuff.com to send me and email. Then page down for more fun.

The website would be dedicated to all that is truly awful and probably awfuller than most other things claiming to be awful but maybe not quite. Now some things may SEEM awful and aren't when others are, but don't.  We take what is awful and some things that aren't and make them either awfuller than what they are or just make them awful to begin with.

This awful mess started when Awful decided that things were getting awful enough to warrant an awful website.

When things appear on this awful site, they might become awful but not always.  Where appropriate, we will help determine the truly awful from the awfully true or mundane and let you know in no uncertain terms, unless they are awfully uncertain, what is or isn't truly awful.  When will it be appropriate?  Probably not for an awful long time.


Hopefully, this has cleared the awful matter of awful up.
If not, we're awfully sorry (but in a good awful way).