This final tribute to Eric the Awful is composed by friends and family.  I am sure Eric would include the reminder that the primary election is next week and if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about your elected officials.

Eric’s passing on Sunday night, July 8th came much too soon for all of us, but we would not wish him back in the condition he was in.  His last two weeks were “awful” for him and for his family to watch.  His last days were spent at home with his family present leaving this earth as we all know he would have wished.  It signals an end to his many projects including “Awful’s Assumptions.” 

During his last illness his love for his family and friends and concern for the community were obvious.  Over many years in McDonald County his desire for an improved way of life for its citizens was evident.  He took over the failing ambulance in the county in 1986 and operated it until 2003.  He was instrumental in getting our 911 system established.  He even ran for sheriff once in an attempt to improve on our law enforcement.  He operated Indian Trails Automotive for many years which will remain open with Esther, David, Mikel, Jeramy, Mark, and John.

Above all was the importance of his family and his knowledge that Christ was his savior and he was leaving this home for a better one.  Unlike so many he was as prepared as he though he could get with the short time he knew he had left.

Eric will live on in his wife, children, and grandchildren as well as his accomplishments.    Just look around and you will see him somewhere in the county.  When you see an ambulance, hear a call on the scanner or see his signature blue wreckers on a call, hear Ray Stevens’ “Eric the Awful” or at his family business on East Highway 76 you will be reminded of him.

We will miss him and love him always!!