AWFUL ASSUMPTIONS


     Here it is another week gone by.  Summer is officially here and it is already hot and dry.  The creeks and rivers are low.  It is looking as though we may have another summer like last year.

     I’ve only seen a couple of candidates the past week.  Freddie Jennings who is running as a republican for state representative came by.  He has led a very interesting life with much travel and studying.  I enjoyed our visit.  John Bunch, candidate for eastern commissioner, stopped by for a few minutes and put his sign back up that the storm had blown off the fence.

     Mike Hall who is running for McDonald County sheriff stopped in to tell me about a conference that will add to his training. He was told about a scholarship that the Office of Homeland Security had out to attend the Missouri Safe Schools and Colleges Conference. He had to write out an essay on why he should be chosen to go because they just give out one scholarship per region of the state of Missouri.  He wrote the essay and submitted it and was chosen.  The scholarship covers the conference costs and the hotel room for the conference stay so the school district is not out any money.  He will get to attend to look at what other districts are doing for safety and security and learn about other emerging trends.

     My cancer and medications have really been getting me off my stride lately so Esther and David are taking care of most of the shop and office.  Of course the Yukon cat has to help out also as well as Mike and Jeramy.

     Have a great week.  Consider attending the Republican Club annual scholarship Thursday night at Kenny and Kathy Underwood’s.  I will come if I feel okay, but may not make it this year.

“The greatest conflicts are not between two people but between one person and himself.” Garth Brooks