AWFUL ASSUMPTIONS

          I just sat down to think about this week’s article.  Esther asked me if my brain was engaged yet. I had to admit it is probably in “granny-low” this week. 

          I have no real political issues to discuss this week. I had a couple of callers worried about road conditions and why they weren’t being taken care of this year.  Most of those I visit with talk about the county spending money on what seems non-essential to some and none on the roads.  Most of the answers I get is there is no money, the tax collections are down, and the budget doesn’t allow for extra expenditures.  I will tell you I still have my nose stuck into both national and local politics although I am not present at as many gathering as I once was.

          The government keeps saying the economy is in a downward spiral which scares people.  One article may state the economy is doing all right but the next may say we are falling back into a recession.  Looking at the previous year’s income compared to this year’s I have to agree that the economy is not as good as it was.  I think some of the reason is that so many people are trying to open little “Mom and Pop” garages, restaurants, stores and so forth.  I am not against them trying as competition can be good to a certain extent.  However, so many of them stay open a short time.  Even the national statistics show that the opening and rapid closing of small business show a damage to our economy.

          I guess it is time to quit complaining about politics and get on with life.  We are going to have a consignment auctions on Saturday, June 16th, at my residence on Mud Spring Road.  A consignment auction happens when a group of people have things they want to sell but no one individual has enough to make a good auction.  So they decide on a location and pit it together to the benefit of all.  Auctions are a great place to get a bargain and are also a great place to meet people and visit and discuss just about anything you can think of.  Auctions are where you get rid of stuff you no longer need but someone else might be able to use.  You could even call it a form of recycling.  So be sure to come to the auction on June 16t.  you can view the sale bill and several pictures on Jamey Cope’s website, www.jameycopeauctions.com.

          As a reminder, I am not getting rid of any of my garage equipment or the shop as I plan to keep it open, doing all the things we do now.

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. Dolly Parton