I missed writing an article last week.  I guess it was so close to Memorial Day that my brain was in neutral and I could not come up with anything good or bad to write about. 

          Memorial Day was one of the most crowded along the river that I ever remember seeing.  The weather was great.  I think the family influences on the holiday helped make it enjoyable for everyone.  I don’t’ think we had as many incidents as we usually do.

          We came back to work Tuesday morning ready to work and do some visiting.  I had several people come in to visit about the not too far distant election and what is happening in the political world.  I think most of the concerns I have heard are whether we will forget about the special issue on the ballot for the November election regarding “land grabbing” regulations.  I had several people come in to talk about the candidates.  Joe Stephens and John Bunch are both running to replace our current eastern commissioner.  At this time I am just listening and thinking and asking questions.  I think John Bunch may be the one to look at closely as he has always been involve in the county’s activities.  He may be the better choice but I am not yet firmly decided.  After all I still have two months to make up my mind.  All I can ask of myself and all of us is to listen and consider the decision carefully.

          I have yet to hear from any of the candidates for western commissioner and don’t know them well enough to comment at this time.  The only think I will say is “Boy! Do we need a change.”  This is true not only in the county but also in our state and national offices.  We need candidates willing to stand up for their beliefs and not worry about reelection.

          I need to hear from your, your pros or cons or just your thoughts.  As you know I will not make up any stories, use your name unless you say it is alright, tell any lies about anyone.  I may say I am going to vote for someone, but I will always keep an open mind until Election Day.  So, please call, fax, or email me or just come by the office.  I enjoy visiting and I like a good argument any day.

          I guess this is enough about politics.  I am certainly grateful for the recent rains which were much needed.  I’ve been really busy getting ready for an auction on June 16th to be held at 2919 Mud Spring Road, Anderson.  There will be merchandise from several households.  I am seeing lots of antiques including gasoline operated wringer washing machines, glassware, collectible cars, automobiles, and much more.  You can see the auction sale bill at jameycopeauctons.com or come by the shop.

Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’ll get to enjoy it a second time. H. Jackson Brown Jr.