Although the shop stayed busy last week, I didnít hear any good stories about what is happening locally or around the nation.  Anyone who would like to bend my ear is welcome to stop by the shop any time but mornings are better.  We can have a cup of coffee and visit.  The most interesting headline last week, in my opinion, was about the unicorn hunter.  I thought unicorns were a figment of someoneís imagination. 

          Anyway, summer is definitely here with this week end being Memorial Day holiday, all the campgrounds open, and lots of summer activities.  Be extra careful as the traffic will increase and as temperatures climb driver patience wears thin.  Remember if you drink, donít drive. Help make this a safe holiday for everyone.   Memorial Day is a good time to remember all those who have passed from this life and all the good times that were shared. 

          Although Indian Trails Automotive will be closed for the holiday, the wrecker and emergency road service will be available.  We can provide winching service, roll back truck to convey your broken down vehicle to a repair shop, and tire changes and fuel delivery 24 hours a day.  We are also now a AAA tow service.            

ďThe world is more malleable than you think, and itís waiting for you to hammer it into shape.Ē Bono