AWFUL ASSUMPTIONS  


          This has been one of those weeks where you sit down to write something but canít decide what you want to say.  There isnít anything heating up in McDonald County politics yet. Mike Hall was by for a short visit this week.  He said he had bee so busy he hadnít had time to do any campaigning the last couple of weeks.  He had been working on the DARE graduations this past week.  The DARE program has been great for the county.  Mike has put in may hours of work on the program during the past several years.         

          I have had a few parents in saying they were looking forward to graduation.  Some even said their children were planning to leave home shortly after graduation which caused mixed emotions.  I hope all the graduates who want to go on to college or other educational venues are able to do so.  I also hope those who want to enter the workforce immediately are able to find jobs that will allow them to work toward their future. 

          I am very glad I donít have any kids graduating this year.  I thought it was bad when ours graduated, but I think it is much worse now.  The entire system is in turmoil.  When I was writing articles in 2000, there seemed to be more to talk about and more definite information to help us make our choices for national offices.  There seemed to be more give and take of ideas.  Now our country is deeper in debt and has such a multitude of complex issues that need to be dealt with.  We need to elect someone who is familiar with the problems and have some plans to solve some of them.  We also need someone who is not afraid to make sacrifices, trim some fat from some of the programs and not worry about being reelected.  If something isnít figured out soon, our county may go the way Greece had and Italy and France are headed.  We need all our elected officials to work together on this problem.

          Iím glad I live here in McDonald County.  We are still able to survive and most people who really want to work can find some job even if it is only minimum wage.  I started my working life at the chicken plant at Anderson.  I knew I could always make a living there, but I chose to go out and explore the world and find a different future.  We still have many people here in the county who work at the chicken plants.  They have decent lives and can be proud of doing their jobs.  Many of us choose to survive and do the best we can with what we have to work with.  Sooner or later many will be faced with making a lot of sacrifices to survive but I feel that we here in McDonald County will be better able to face that than those in large cities.

          On local politics, I am not sure where I stand.  I have heard a lot of wishy- washy stuff but havenít made any sense of it.  Both the Republicans and Democrats are telling me the same thing.  Some say just change everyone, but change for the sake of change isnít the answer.  We need change that will improve our lives, our futures, and those of our friends and loved ones.  I hope we will get a clearer picture of our options between now and November and be able to select someone to set our feet on a firm path.  We need to start locally as well as on the national level to select those who will work to make us the greatest nation in the world again.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all. J. K. Rowling