AWFUL ASSUMPTIONS


          Last week was quiet around the shop. No one had any good stories for what was going on around the county.  Margie came from Osage Beach for Southwest Cityís first 5K run.  They had a good turn out and lots of fun stuff going on all day.  I havenít talked to anyone about Noelís Cinco de Mayo event.  Esther is anxiously waiting for Shady Beach to get their Zip Line operational.

        I think everyone is getting ready for summer.  The garage has been busy with several people preparing for vacation or hay season.  Some said they were going on vacation and leave worrying about the economy until later.  I donít think that is very logical, but I know many who do.  I think our local attractions may see more local residents vacationing here due to the fuel costs.  I know we have many campgrounds and caves to visit and lots of other activities available as well as the  We had a stranded motorist in the shop last week traveling from New Mexico to Michigan who said that the cost of fuel and the repair costs were going to minimize the amount of activities they could do when they got there.                                     

          Next week end is Motherís Day.  I want to wish Esther and all mothers a happy, special day.  Maybe I will remember to get her some flowers also and keep myself out of the doghouse.  However, I feel that the best thing to do for your mother is spend time with her, whether on Motherís Day or any day.


The first rule of holes: When youíre in one, stop digging. Molly Ivins