AWFUL ASSUMPTIONS


          I didn’t make it to the Republican Club meeting this month.  I ran out of energy which seems to be a common problem these days.  Maybe I will get there next month.

Mike Hall stopped by to visit a while this week.  He is the Republican Candidate running against Robert Evenson for sheriff assuming Robert wins his primary race.  We talked about a few things he wants to change if he becomes sheriff.  With both having grown up here in the county and having been in law enforcement for many years, I think that will be our most interesting local race this year.

          The most frequent comment I have heard about county politics is that it is time to replace both Eastern and Western Commissioners who are up for reelection.  Most agree that it is a difficult job in this time of economic troubles but say they think some decisions could have been made differently.  I am not hearing much right now about the other offices.  Local politics seem to be in a dead zone, just waiting for the primary election to get closer before getting very active.  I am sure campaigning will heat up as summer temperatures climb.  I do think everyone here in McDonald County should be glad they live here.  We have much to be grateful for including our family values and our usually peaceful surroundings.

          Speaking of things heating up, I am expecting a very hot, dry summer.  So, get ready now by coming out to the shop to get your air conditioning serviced while visiting with us.  We have also purchased a new piece of equipment to help diagnose electronic problems.  Some days I wonder what happened to simplicity, but we try to keep up with the changes.  We pride ourselves on keeping a clean shop and doing quality repairs.  We have been in business here in the county for nearly 32 years.  Some of the things we try to do for our customers is get their vehicles in and out as soon as possible.  When we schedule a service, one can wait while we get it done.  More extensive work is done without delay as many need their vehicles for transportation to and from work.  We try not to over schedule so we aren’t running behind and have to keep your vehicle longer than necessary.   

          There was a good article in the paper about some of the “legal” drugs and some of their dangers.  As parents and friends we need to stay alert for changes in our young people’s behavior.  There are so many more pressures and opportunities these days.  Growing up I was exposed to moonshine which could kill you if not made properly, but not the quantity and diversity that is available now.

Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’ll get to enjoy it a second time. H. Jackson Brown