I’ve had several interesting phone calls this past week from our local residents who were glad I am back in the business of being nosy.  One was very concerned about some of the stuff that is readily available to children and young adults who are using it to get ‘high’ or for a cheap thrill.  It is currently legal and can be purchased at several local stores.  However, I’ve been told it can be worse than marijuana or meth due not only to the original symptoms but also due to after effects that can last days or return when thought to be over causing various weird symptoms.  I understand that a lot of those experiencing this need to be transported to a psychiatric facility.  I hope to get more information for future articles.  I understand this problem is prevalent in Newton County as well as McDonald County.

        Our shop can supply nitrogen for your tires.  Someone asked me the other day how they would benefit from putting nitrogen in their tires.  Nitrogen is an inert gas found naturally in the atmosphere.  It can be extracted leaving a larger, heavier molecule that provides a more stable tire pressure which provides a smoother ride, improved handling and better fuel mileage.  I personally have used nitrogen in my tires for about two years and believe it makes a difference.  A lot of new cars being sold today already have nitrogen filled tires to give them to provide better handling and stability.

       There were several things going on in the county were interesting what with law suits, political actions, school awards.  The end of school will soon be here with summer activities to keep us busy.  Although it doesn’t seem right, I was mowing lawn before the end of  March.


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