This has been a rather quit week for me.  Iíve heard no good gossip and no updates on the county political scene.  I have gotten several good laughs at some of the antics of the national candidates, but some of the stuff they do just makes me mad.


I did start some investigating into the problems we have with the county wrecker service requests.  I sent for a list of wrecker calls dispatched by 911 and then had a good visit with Lisa McCool at her office on Thursday.  It appears many of the problems with the way wreckers are dispatched do not lie in the 911 center although they may have an occasional glitch.  I then talked to the Sheriff and Undersheriff.  They told me they are doing what we had agreed on last year, for any vehicle that the owner does not have a preference for a tower the deputies would request 911 center to send them the next no preference wrecker on the list and 911 would dispatch the next available one.  I believe they have told the deputies to follow these guidelines.  And I believe there is where the problem lies.  I understand that Gardner does not charge the county to tow the patrol vehicles.  That is not the issue.  The problem occurs if what I am told is true, that he doesnít charge to tow their private vehicles either and allows them the use of his shop at no charge.  This can produce an underlying problem.  How do the deputies repay him for the free services?  I hope to be able to answer that question later.  For now, I will request a weekly log of wrecker calls from 911.  Those records should show me any trends that occur over time.


I am not aware of any activities coming up other than the Health Fair on February 18th, 8am until noon at the Anderson First Baptist Church.  I have really been enjoying the weather this past week and would prefer it to stay this way until spring.



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