Iíve spent the week trying to decide what I would say in the first article on the website.  I plan to get back into following our county politics and activities more and writing about them much more.  I told you I would learn more about the planning commission.  So far all Iíve found is blank wall.  Those who wanted to talk about it seemed to ramble some.  I did hear that at least some of us feel we would be better served with more down to earth, long time residents on the board and that its activities could be better explained.  I still feel the planning commission should be reevaluated and would like to see the repeal of the current one on the ballot.  I have a petition at the shop if you would like to sign it.

          The county has been quiet, but I think that will soon change.  With elections coming next year, I think and hope that we will have two new commissioners to represent us.  There will be other interesting races. 

          I guess when you have to slow down and have time on your hands you listen to too much national television.  Our world seems to have gone to pot in a handbasket.  Some of what is going on really fascinates me.  If the government is going to force the banks to refinance everything that is upside down in the market at a drastically reduced interest rate, why shouldnít everyone take advantage of it?  It seems to be a great idea but as the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.  People getting involved early in the game are the ones who will come out the winners.

          If you have a comment, want to ask a question or have an issue to discuss, I will try to reply with both sides of the story.  You can call me at 417-845-7117 or email me at eric@awfulstuff.com.  Estherís emil is smudge_mom@yahoo.com.

If you can't change your fate, change your attitude. Amy Tan