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“Whatever you are, be a good one.� Abraham Lincoln

Awful makes assumption when and where he pleases.  It probably ain't your view of the world, but it is definitely Awfuls.

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Certified Locksmith
Keys Made

Indian Trails Automotive

Open Monday Through Friday 8:00 to 5:00
Saturday 8:00 to 12:00
Phone: 1-417-845-7117

State Vehicle Inspections

Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks

Alignment-4 Wheel

Tires and Balancing

General Auto Repairs

Wrecker Service

Day: 1-417-845-7117
Night: 1-417-845-7511
Rollback and Twinline Wrecker
Collectibles and antiques in the this and that store. You'll never know what's there and what isn't! Come find something awful!

4100 East Highway 76
Anderson, MO 64831

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Awful Assumptions, Awful letters, Awful Stuff for Sale, are all not necessarily trademarks of anything, although they might be.  How should we know?  All we know for sure is that this stuff is awful but no more than Awful himself.  Still with us?  You are a very patient person and are to be commended.  By now you should be clicking somewhere else (preferably on our site).  If you don't, at least send us 50 cents by US Mail for every 8 minutes over 2.3 hours on this page (but not on this site).

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